Stanford in Palestine

For some students the Israeli occupation of Palestine may be an abstract issue that is difficult to understand or relate to their experiences at Stanford. Here we present the story of Fadi Quran, a recent Stanford graduate and former president of SPER. Fadi was arrested and detained in the West Bank last February following nonviolent protests of the Israeli-enforced closure of the major street in his town to Palestinians.

On Fadi’s page, you will find a transcript of an interview Fadi gave to Stanford journalist Kristian Davis Bailey about the context of the protest he participated in, the details of his experience under Israeli detention, and the larger problems of Israel’s occupation of his home. Feel free to listen along to the audio tracks of Fadi’s interview as you read.

Having known very little about Palestine before covering Fadi’s arrest, Kristian eventually joined SPER and made a visit to Palestine and Israel in August 2013 to learn more about the occupation and to hear from Palestinians about their experiences and calls for international support. You can follow his writing at Postcards from Palestine.