Housing Support

Attendees have two options for housing during the two nights (October 25 and 26) of the NSJP conference.

1. Discounted hotel rates: Call any of the following hotels, let them know you are participating in the NSJP conference hosted by SPER at Stanford, and you will receive at least 10% off the room cost.

$100 – 120 range: (when  rooms are shared, individuals rates are from $30 – 60)
2. Stanford Travel-lodge(650) 600 – 8515. $120 for double queen.
3. Cardinal Hotel(650) 323 – 5101. $99/night for single queen with shared bathrooms.
4. America’s Best Value Inn Sky Ranch. (650) 493 – 7221 $102.60/night for single, $120.60/night for double.
5. Hotel California. (650) 322 – 7366. $95 for single.
6. Comfort Inn Palo Alto: $115 night for a double.
+ $130/night:
1. Best Western Mountain View – $135 for single king, $145 for double.
2. Crowne Plaza Cabana, $189 for both singles and doubles.
3. Days Inn Palo Alto: $179 for single, $199 for double.
4. Coronet Motel: $139 for one person. $149 for two. $159 for three.
If you choose to book your own hotel room, please let us know. We can help you plan for transportation, connect you with other groups to split room costs, and, if there is enough demand, we may block out rooms or book them in advance.
2. Solidarity housing: sleeping spaces offered by SJP allies around Stanford. Some allies have offered to host groups in their homes, but the majority of these spots will be the floors of churches, gyms, community centers, or dorm rooms. Please note that mattresses/beds are scarce and that delegates should be prepared to bring their own sleeping bag or to rent one ($4.50/night from Stanford).


Share your preferences in the form below. We will do our best to accommodate them.