Conference Logistics

Dear student activists,

Stanford Students for Palestinian Equal Rights (SPER) will be hosting this year’s National Students for Justice in Palestine conference at our campus in Palo Alto, California from October 25-27th. The theme and title of this year’s conference is ‘From Margin to Center: Connecting Struggles, Forging a National Movement.’

Through awesome workshops and critical discussions, we will share our collective wisdom and hone our organizing skills for better BDS campaigns and greater political awareness within our organizations. We will also reflect on our progress in building the National SJP network and discuss how we can improve our connections to the broader movement for Palestinian liberation. You can find more information on the National SJP website.

Registration fees: Registration is $25 per student until October 7th, after which late registration will be $35. Get your registration in early! Registration for the conference will close on Monday, October 21st. We will not take late applications, and there will not be registration at the door.

Registration caps: SJPs and qualifying student groups with 1-5 active members may send up to 2 delegates to the conference, groups of 6-10 may send up to 3, groups of 11-15 may send up to 4, groups of 15-20 may send up to 5, and groups of 21 or more may send up to 6. This year, participants will register through their SJP/student Palestine solidarity group. If you are not currently affiliated with an SJP because you are looking to start one or you recently graduated, please email nsjp.coordinating ‘at’ to talk further.

Financial aid: We are committed to not letting financial difficulty deter student activists from attending the conference. However, while financial support will be available for students we also encourage SJPs to fundraise for as much of their travel costs as possible. This is a crucial part of making the conference happen: we can’t bring everyone out to the conference by ourselves. Some fundraising ideas include applying for university travel funding, hosting fundraisers, and reaching out to local allies for donations. To apply for travel support, please fill out this form. For more ideas and resources pertaining to fundraising, check out the fundraising toolkit on the National SJP website.

Room & Board: We are organizing solidarity housing in the vicinity of Stanford and Palo Alto. If you are interested in solidarity housing, please fill out this form here, noting that the majority of the housing we currently have is floor space. Meals will be provided between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

We encourage everyone to register for the conference as soon as possible. If your SJP is not ready to register quite yet, it is a good idea to begin fundraising efforts in advance if you plan on attending.

We also recommend that more than half of your group’s delegation be freshmen/sophomores and less than half be juniors/seniors. It is imperative that people who will be on your campus the longest acquire the skills needed to run campaigns and keep the group organized!

The registration form can be found here. Please note that each SJP chapter should only fill out the form once.  The travel support form is available here, please direct questions to nsjp.ff ‘at’

If you’d like to help plan the conference or bring in more SJPs, or have any other inquiries, please reach out to SPER at StanfordSPER ‘at’ or NSJP at nsjp.outreach ‘at’ or nsjp.coordinating at

We look forward to seeing you in Palo Alto!

With love,

Stanford Students for Palestinian Equal Rights & National Students for Justice in Palestine