Attendance Eligibility

The Student for Justice in Palestine – National Conferences are specifically geared toward:

  1. Current student Palestine solidarity activists;
  2. Students looking to establish a campus Palestine solidarity student group;
  3. Recent alumni actively involved in an SJP group and endorsed by current members.

It is strongly recommended that at least one participant from each school be of freshman, sophomore, or junior class standing (rather than a graduating senior).

Please note that all events are invitation-only unless otherwise specified. Invited guests include current Stanford student members of SPER’s partner organizations; current student members from SJP groups at colleges and universities; alumni actively involved in their SJP group and endorsed by current members; and members of Bay Area affiliated organizations. Invited guests must be pre-registered ​ for closed events. Cultural Night on Saturday and our closing plenary on Sunday will both be open to the public.

Please also note that your registration is subject to a vetting process by which we will confirm your identity and involvement in the student group you enter. We must vet all registrants. We reserve the right to revoke your registration for any reason by refunding you the full amount of your donation.