MLK Scholar Clayborne Carson encourages “strong support” for Divestment

Dear SPER,

I support your effort to encourage Stanford University to divest from all companies that lend support to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and to continued expansion of settlements in that area. Moreover, I urge Stanford students to make clear their strong support for the ongoing nonviolent movement to secure equal human rights for Palestinians living in the West Bank.

You should feel free to use my name on behalf of this important cause.

Best regards,


Selected in 1985 by the late Mrs. Coretta Scott King to edit and publish the papers of her late husband, Stanford University historian Clayborne Carson has devoted most his professional life to studying Martin Luther King, Jr., and the movements King inspired. Under his direction, the King Papers Project has produced six volumes of a definitive, comprehensive edition of King’s speeches, sermons, correspondence, publications, and unpublished writings. This project is now a component of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute that Carson founded at Stanford University in 2005.